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ROBO-SAXO & GLORBO step up to start things up on the Fete Ballroom Stage

Dr TREMENDANUS and the TYVEK CREW float dance during the song "SPACE IS YOUR HOME"

DR HAWKTOPUS is summoned by Slow-motion Tyveks & Dr T


GLORBO banishes ANITA CRACKINSTUFF and nudist Husband, DUANE, from the stage


HOT-DAWGG break dance

RUSTY sings "Walkin' the Dog"

BIG NAZO BAND's QUASIMOTO leads the NAZO BAND in the last song of the set at the Ghoulish Gala at Fete

Images of the BIG NAZO INTERGALACTIC CREATURE BAND performance at the Ghoulish Gala (fundraiser for Gallery Night Providence) at Fete on October 9, 2014.

Photos: Thomas Alan Photography

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